Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30: Create-a-Country with Salt Dough

September 29: A New Camera

September 28: Strong and Single

September 27: What you do on the last Sunday of the month

September 26: One Life at a Time

September 25: Back to the Future

September 24: Team Meetings

September 22: Cake Decorating Finale

September 23: Book Reports

September 21: Missionary Suitcases

September 20: Dinner Group

September 19: Hanging out with my parents on a Friday night

September 18: 25 fifth graders, 1 teacher, and a walking fieldtrip

September 17: Jodi, it's your birthday!

September 15: Cake Decorating x 3

September 16: Service Dinner

September 14: Standardized Testing

September13: Music and the Spoken Word

September 12: Moving Michelle

September 11: Remembering 2001

September 10: Kickball Tournament

September 8: Cake Decorating: Take 2

September 9: The President speaks on Education

September 7: Labor Day Hike

September 6: Rise to the stature of the divine within you

September 5: 34 years is a long time

September 4: People Watching at the AT&T Store

September 3: Just Call Me Stupid

September 2: Walking Club

September 1: Cake Decorating 101

August 30: Stake Choir

August 29: UHF

August 28: Apple Cake Pops

August 27: The Pyramid of Success

August 26: Carpooling is the way to go

August 25: Back-to-School Night

August 24: The First Day of School

August 23: Another Temple is Dedicated

August 22: Chatting with the Jensens

August 21: Ready or Not!

August 20: An Organized Planbook

August 16: One Year Anniversary

August 19: Faculty Meeting Fun

August 18: Back to School Bulletin Boards

August 17: The season of the tomato

August 15: Celebrating with Emily

August 14: Jon's Batman Birthday

August 13: I never want to be 17 Again!

August 12: Feliz Cumpleanos Pops!

August 11: Happy Birthday Jer!

August 10: Setting up classrooms

August 9: Sunday Morning Meetings

August 8: Kayaking with Ann

August 7:The sign that summer is coming to an end

August 6: Souvenirs

August 5: Unpacking is so much fun...

August 4: San Francisco Day #6: A Tour of the Bay

August 2: San Francisco Day #4: Happy Birthday Michelle from the Redwood Forest

August 3: San Francisco Day #5: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

July 31: San Francisco Day #2: Locked up in Alcatraz

August 1: San Francisco Day #3: a WICKED day

July 30: San Francisco Day #1: A view from the Temple

Friday, September 18, 2009

July 29: A New Haircut

On a whim I decided to ask my friend Jenn to cut my hair with a different style. I've had the same style for a while and I wanted (in that moment) a style that I could do in more than one way. I will admit that I did not like the cut at first! I felt like I had wings or something. I thought it was a terrible mistake the first week, but it has grown on me. As it has grown out a little bit I have gotten a lot of compliments. Next time I get it cut I will just have her trim a little off.