Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30: It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

November 29: Gratitude

November 28: Family Super Saturday

November 27: Black Friday

November 26: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25: Birthday wishes to my new sister!

November 24: The First Thanksgiving: the REAL story

November 23: Turkey Glyph

November 22: A New Calling

November 19: It's Electric!

November 21: Star Wars, Episode I

November 20: Nutcracker Tradition

November 18: Go Jazz!

November 17: Four Ways to Multiply

November 16: 2nd Grade Gratitude

November 15: Michelle's House-warming Party

November 14: I've got to learn to say no sometimes

November 13: Murder Mystery

November 12: A book (or five) for the teacher

November 11: An apple for the teacher

November 10: SEPs

November 9: Roasting marshmellows in the snow

November 8: Ward Choir

November 7: A relaxing Saturday--finally!

November 6: Mistakes cause me stress!

November 5: It's a Blue Day

November 2: Sheldon is my favorite!

November 4: Time Capsule

November 3: Election Day

November 1: The time for turkeys and Pilgrims

October 31: Happy Halloween!

October 30: Time flies when you are having fun!

October 29: Argh, Matey!

October 28: My plan for staying warm this winter