Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 31: The End is Not Near, It's Here!

Happy New Year! Can you believe it's the end of 2009? I can't. I celebrated with Tracy, Adria, and Julia with a fabulous dinner at The Melting Pot and then games.  It was a great night!

It doesn't seem like that long ago when I started this crazy adventure called Project 365. I know that no one who knows me well is surprised that I didn't follow through on updating every day. I have this bad habit of getting overly ambitious sometimes, and I don't always complete my big projects. I am happy that I know what will be on each day, I at least thought about it. Now we'll just have to see how long into 2010 it takes me to get all caught up.

I have decided that Just a Bowl of Peaches will continue, but Project 365 is DONE! I can't imagine trying to come up with another 365 pictures of my life. It's just not that interesting. I seem to keep doing the same things I have always done: teach, hang out with family and friends, go to Disneyland, etc. Maybe my New Year's Resolution for 2010 should be to try new things. We'll see...Keep checking and looking back over the last year. I promise to get things completed, even if it kills me.

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Friday, December 4, 2009

December 4th: Mickey celebrates too!

My friend Emily and her family are in Disneyland right now. I am so jealous! I went with them at the same time of year a few years ago and it was amazing! Those Disney people sure know how to make the holidays fun (of course they make everything fun in my opinion). There is an enormous Christmas tree at the front end of main street; wreaths and ornaments decorate every building; the characters are in their holiday sweaters; and you can even find Santa making appearances in California Adventure.

The best part of going to Disneyland during the holidays is the two rides they change for the season. It's a Small World is decorated to show holiday traditions in different parts of the world, and it is beautiful. But the best ride in the park from Halloween to Christmas is The Haunted Mansion. They change it from ghosts to the characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The colors are bright and crazy, and the voice talks to you in the style of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. You see something new every time you ride, even if you go on it seven or eight times!

It's all just so much fun, and I wish I could be there right now!