Saturday, October 30, 2010


Painting pumpkins with six boys is a riot...

I invited Heather and Shawn and their kids over to decorate pumpkins. That meant I had 6 boys between 3 and 10 around my kitchen table painting and hot gluing and making a mess. It was SO MUCH FUN! While we waited for the pumpkins to dry we ate potato soup out of bread bowls shaped like pumpkins. The kids also found a few games to play. It was great to get with these wonderful friends and their children. I hope we can keep finding excuses to get together!

Visiting a graveyard with 4 boys is a blast...
Emily invited me to join her family at the Salt Lake Cemetary one night. I drove in and met them there. We went around to see the prophets' graves. We saw President Hinckley's, President Hunter's, President McKay's, and President Grant's. Afterward we went to Arctic Circle for dinner. It was a GREAT night!

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