Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 7: Conference Ensign

I believe that is a good way to face the unpleasant things in our lives, not complaining but thanking the Lord for the trust He places in us when He gives us the opportunity to overcome difficulties.I love getting this issue of the Ensign. It is so nice to be able to read through the talks that were given in General Conference, to take notes and mark them up. Here are some of my favorite quotes:
  • The Lord always suits the relief to the person in need to best strengthen and purify him or her.
  • Before we yield to temptation, we must learn to say with unflinching resolve, “Get thee behind me, Satan”
  • You don’t have to spend time as a Laman or a Lemuel in order to know that it’s much better to be a Nephi or a Jacob.
  • Those who are caught up in trying to save their lives by seeking the praise of the world are actually rejecting the Savior’s teaching that the only way to save our eternal life is to love one another and lose our lives in service.
  • By listening to the prophets, keeping an eternal perspective, having faith, and being of good cheer, we can face life’s unexpected challenges and “get on with our lives.”
  • We don’t acquire eternal life in a sprint—this is a race of endurance.
  • because Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to do so
  • Be of good cheer. The future is as bright as your faith.
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