Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 8: Sense & Sensibility

I am a Jane Austen junkie. I read Pride and Prejudice about once a year. I own the six hour BBC version of the P&P movie. I also own Emma and Sense & Sensibility. I watch them all frequently. When my friend Adria invited me over to watch the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility tonight, it was no surprise that I jumped at the chance. It is a longer version of the story than the Emma Thompson version, but I loved every minute of it! The guy who plays Edward Ferrars in this version is so much better than Hugh Grant. (Especially when he cuts wood in the rain!) I'd watch it again anytime, in fact, I just might have to buy my own copy!

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  1. You should watch the other recent BBC Jane Austin movies too - they're all awesome!