Thursday, February 12, 2009

February 12: The Search for Delicious

Right now I am reading a book with my class titled "The Search for Delicious." The premise of the book is that the Prime Minister is writing a dictionary, and no one can agree on what the definition of DELICIOUS should be: fried fish, apples, nuts, etc. So, they send a boy out to survey the kingdom. Whichever food gets the most votes will be put in the dictionary. As you can imagine, this only causes more chaos in the kingdom. In fact, one character's description of his delicious vote is very detailed, including times and places and people to eat it with.

I think I am most like that character; delicious isn't a simple definition for me. During the summer, the best thing to eat is my mom's bbq turkey with mashed red potatoes. The best thing for a snack is chips and salsa; but not Pace Picante sauce, the chunky pico de gallo kind. If you are going out to eat, you have to get Rafael's Mexican Plate with a soft-shelled chicken taco or Joy Luck's tangerine chicken with brown rice. And, nothing can beat homemade rolls or sugar cookies, but unfortunately they both are so time consuming to make.

For me there are certain food items are the exact OPPOSITE of delicious. Broccoli, eggs, and fish fit in that category. Texture is important when considering deliciousness too: soggy bread, mushrooms, and brownies or banana bread with walnuts in them are definitely NOT the definition of delicious.

So, what would be your definition of delicious? Could you sum it up with one food item, or are you PICKY like me?

P.S. 6 days...

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