Friday, February 13, 2009

February 13: 5th Grade Valentines

Valentine's Day in fifth grade is much different now than it was back in 1988.

  • Gone are the days of trying to design the coolest Valentine box--we make bags in class as an art project.

  • You don't spend time picking the most appropriate valentine for each kid in your class now--most kids don't even put names on them because that makes handing them out harder.

  • You used to have to make sure that you didn't put the "I LOVE YOU" candy heart in with a boy's valentine (unless you had a crush on him)--now giving out candy hearts isn't good enough, it has to be suckers or candy bars.

  • The valentines themselves have changed too--it's got to have Hannah Montana, High School Musical, SpongeBob, or Batman on it these days. I really don't even remember having characters on my valentines--did they even make NKOTB valentines back then? I wouldn't have gotten those even if they did, so I guess it doesn't matter that much.

  • Another difference between 1988 and now is how excited I get for Valentines day. It used to be pretty fun, but now all I can say is that it is great to celebrate it on a Friday when the kids go home early and don't come back for three more days!

    P.S. 5 days...

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