Monday, February 23, 2009

February 23: "Grand"pa

Happy Birthday to my amazing Grandpa Dan!

He is the only grandpa I have, but I will say he is the best in the whole world! I cannot tell you how much his example has influenced who I am. Here are just a few of his qualities I try to emulate:

  • patience: he never rushes through things--he even reads instruction manuals from cover to cover
  • generosity: he does whatever he can to help anyone
  • support: he came to every dance and piano recital I ever had with a smile on his face
  • strong testimony: I've heard him bear his testimony a few times, but I see him live his testimony every time I am with him
  • respect: he treated his mother with great respect--I'm sure they disagreed sometimes, but I never saw him argue with her or complain about having to take care of her
  • charity: he loves my grandma with his whole heart and shows her that love every minute of every day

    Thanks for being such a great example, Grandpa! I love you!

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