Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10: Praise for Generous People

This picture is of my praise board at school. My kids are encouraged to find qualities and actions of their peers to praise. It helps us to look for the positive in one another.

I would like to write my own praise note today.

We are trying hard to get ready for our big 5th grade production this week and the sound system in our gym wasn't working. We contacted Performance Audio about renting some equipment and the nicest guy, Terry, helped us out. First of all, he let us take the equipment last Friday, but only charged us for the two days we would need it this week. Then he took the time to make sure my friend would know exactly how to hook everything up and run it. The nicest thing he did today though. A guy from the District came to the school and showed us how to run our school's system with a remote. We called Performance Audio, and the nice man agreed to let us return the rented sound system and refund all of our money.

Who knew generous people still existed in the business world? If you ever need sound system equipment, I highly recommend Peformance Audio, they are great people to work with.

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