Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13: Shoes: A Love/Hate Relationship

This post was prompted by the fact that more than half the contents of my shoe shelves were in my living room and I finally put them away today. The love comes from the fact that I have a compulsion to buy new ones all the time. I have to limit my excursions to Famous Footwear because I can always find a pair I like.
The hate comes from the fact that I hate to actually wear shoes, no matter how cute they are. I know its crazy, but I would rather go barefoot all the time. I can't wait for spring when I can wear sandals and my feet aren't confined in socks and shoes constantly.
Hence the reason there is a shoe pile in my living room--I take them off as soon as I walk in the door. My sisters would tell me that I have to warn you when my shoes do come off. It's another reason I hate shoes: they make my feet smelly. I guess you are all now forewarned!

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