Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12: Some Well Deserved R & R (on the couch I hate)

So I have to admit that I crashed after the exhausting experience of putting on our program. I relaxed on the couch all night and just vegged. Boy, did it feel good-except for the fact that I hate my couch. It is ugly and only slightly comfortable!

So, why do I have it? Because it was free.

When I moved into my apartment I didn't have any living room furniture. My sister knew somebody who was trying to get rid of a couch and some chairs before moving. I went over and offered to pay her, but she said that I could just have them if I moved them out of her house. There's no better deal than that, so until I drag myself to RC Willey or some other furniture store, this is best it gets.
And when that day finally comes I will NOT be looking for a couch with flowers OR stripes.

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