Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29: My Sunday Schedule

Since being called as Relief Society president in my ward, my Sunday schedule has changed quite a bit. I used to take the phrase "a day of rest" quite literally. Now Sunday afternoon naps are a thing of the past. Today was one of the craziest Sundays I've ever had. We had a stake meeting this morning at 7 am (I will admit I dozed for a few minutes at the end of it), then we had meetings with our bishopric after that. Of course there were the three hours of church followed by choir practice. I had just enough time after that to run home and get the food I needed for our Relief Society Leadership meeting which started at 4 pm. After that meeting was over I had to quickly drive down to Draper for a family shower for Mike and Lauren (I don't think you call it a bridal shower when both the bride and groom are there). A couple hours later it was back in the car to head back for ward prayer. I'm exhausted even writing this all down. Luckily all Sundays aren't quite this busy!

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