Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12: The Happiest Place on Earth

My friend Tracy and I just booked tickets for a trip to Disneyland in February. I am so EXCITED! I can hardly wait. Disneyland is one of my FAVORITE places to visit, and I haven't been since 2006. I know that doesn't seem like a really long time, but if you know me you know I've been dying to go for awhile.

This is going to be a GREAT trip. Of course ALL Disneyland trips are; however, this will be Tracy's first visit. I CAN'T WAIT to show her how much fun Disneyland can be. We will be hangin' out with MICKEY MOUSE and friends in 37 days...but who's counting?


  1. Are you even kidding me? I'm so jealous. I think I'll stow away in your suitcase!

  2. How I wish I could come!! I'm so glad you two get to go though. It's guaranteed you'll have lots of fun!