Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17: Shannon and Jill

Today I spent time with my good friends Shannon and Jill. We haven't been about to hang out for a while and it was great to talk and laugh and play games together. I absolutely adore these girls! We met over the summer when they both joined the ward and we've done so many great things together since then:
Mama Mia, ice blocking, pedicures, Pride and Prejudice, Big Booty, Halloween Masquerade, Summer Magic, Yogurt Stop, Mad Gab, authentic pizza, Applebees, long talks, trip to Jill's cabin, Skip Bo, the list goes on and on.
Thanks girls for listening and understanding, for making me laugh my head off, for inspiring me, for liking the same chick flicks I do, for taking crazy pictures of me and putting them on the web, for being awesome friends! Luv ya!
PS 32 days...

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  1. I think this is my favorite post of yours thus far! We HAVE had so many good times together and I'm so grateful we are friends. What would I do without you?! Thanks for letting us take crazy pictures of you for web enjoyment (although you're always beautiful in them!). You're THE best.