Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 10: Ghost pictures

My mom asked me to come to her house to help her find her digital pictures on the computer and get them sent to be printed up. What I thought was going to take a couple of hours turned into a major project. We found pictures for a couple of the years she was looking for pretty easily. Pictures form 2005 and 2006 turned out to be harder to find. The only place I could find them was on their Adobe Photoshop program, but they were only the ghosts of the pictures. The thumbnails were there, but we couldn't do anything with them. Frustration!! We enlisted the help of my dad, which we was sooooo happy to give :), and he finally found copies of the pictures on his laptop. Once we had them all on the computer, my mom picked out the ones she wanted to print and had to upload them to We ended up just printing the pictures from 05 and 06, which was about 400 pictures. Oh what a job! I get to come back in a few weeks to help her with the 07, 08, and 09 pictures. I can't wait! At least we already know where those pictures are!

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