Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 27: Color Me Mine

Shannon and Jill took me out for a suprise birthday celebration. We went to Color Me Mine, a ceramic place where you can paint your own ceramics. I've never been before, and I was so excited! You pick the piece you want to paint (I chose a plate) and then you paint whatever design you want on it (I did a circle design). We spent two hours there, and I loved every minute. It was theraputic to just sit and paint for a while.

It reminded me of my Grandma Alpha (she must be on my mind lately). She painted beautiful ceramic dolls. I got a different one for each birthday and Christmas until I was a teenager. Every member of my family, and even some random strangers, have these priceless mementos. I wish I could say I am as talented as she was, but I will settle for a plate that doesn't look too bad. We'll get our pieces back after they have been glazed and fired. I can't wait! It's so fun to do something new--thanks for the fun night girls!

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  1. Such a great night! And guess what? I have your plate! Which means we need to get together again soon... Hope San Francisco was amazing!