Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 3: Babysitting Exhaustion

I really have a new respect for Kim. Zac is exhausting! It is a full time job taking care of him. He decided he didn't need to sleep past 7:30 this morning. That was way earlier than I was expecting. I was hoping to wake up at 8 and still have time to get stuff done before he got up. The best laid plans...

We went to see Grandma Barbara today. She adores Zac, but I think he made her tired just watching him run around her house. We left to go see my parents after that. Kim and Jon get home late tonight and I told them I would have Zac down there in case they wanted to come pick him up. The first thing my mom said was that I looked a little tired. A little? I was grateful I could have someone else to share the load. I even got to take a little nap while she took Zac for a walk. As much as I love the little guy, I will be okay when his parents come get him.

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